Don't Wait To Lose Weight
"This Casselberry Personal Trainer's Weight Loss Programs Are Helping Local Men/Women Transform Their Bodies."


Down 71
Pounds And Counting...

"When I started going to boot camp I was at my heaviest weight I’ve been in a long time. I didn’t think I could fit fitness
into my busy career/daddy schedule. Will’s motivation and training curriculum helped me to make the time to get into shape.

I feel great! I have a lot more energy now. I sleep great. I’m eating better. I lost some weight. I fit into those pants in the
back of my closet. I even ran my first 5K with Will’s training. This all leads to a healthy mind set of positive thinking too.

Will's program is fun and dynamic program. And the results speak for themselves. The workouts are different every day.
I have also met some great folks there too, which helps to increase my motivation daily. I feel it’s a great way to start your day
too. I see my co-workers drag themselves into the office every morning, where as I am fully charged, ready to take
any challenge thrown at me.

These workouts are fun & intense! You set your own intensity level, but surrounding yourself with such awesome peers
and Will’s positive reinforcement, you really don’t want to do anything else than your best, daily. I can compare it to
recess time or a jungle gym for adults. Good healthy fun.

In the beginning, I could only do one or two pushups until I fell to my knees to do them. I couldn’t get one correct sit up
or crunch the first few days. Now, I can mix up these workouts with new ones to increase my intensity. I can hold a plank
position and even add pushups to an inchworm. My eating habits have also changed. I used to clean my plate at every
meal, no matter how much food was in front of me. I have now learned some discipline and can control what I intake,
which is now a lot healthier than it was before."

-- Laz, Winter Park Boot Camp

Down 42 Pounds And Counting...

I have a love/hate relationship with William;  I love him when we are apart and I see the results of
my workouts but hate him when we are together and I am sweating all over the place! 

When I met William I weighed 172 pounds, had zero muscle tone, couldn't do a push-up, struggled through
a set of sit-ups and could not run a half mile if my life depended on it.  Not to mention the fact that I was pre-diabetic.
William slowly started my training at my level and adjusted it as I improved. 
It is so much fun to have a group of us working out together- it really makes working out not a chore.
Plus we gang up on William and tease him!
I have lost a total of 39 pounds, I now have muscle tone, better posture, I sleep better, I have less stress, I
have kept diabetes at bay through my exercise and healthy eating and I have completed one of my "bucket list"
items of finishing my very first triathlon 4 months shy of my 40th birthday!  For a person who couldn't even run
1/2 a mile to finish a triathlon that is some success story, which I owe a huge thank you to William for helping me
achieve my goal.

By the way, William was the 1st person that I called when I finished.

-- Tiffany,
Apopka Boot Camp

Down 40 Pounds And Counting...

"William has an awesome program! He developed a program to meet my individual needs and more
importantly is very consistent and reliable! I have been developed muscle tone, loss of weight and increased
 energy. I have also gained the benefits of sleeping better at night. William is always willing to offer nutritional
fats to assist in creating a daily meal plan. This is truly a rewarding personal fitness program."

-- Dawn, Apopka Boot Camp

Down 30 Pounds And Counting...

"During my 1st workout William was quick to give me modifications to exercises and when I was at that moment of “enough”,
he was there to encourage me. If anyone can help me lose half my body weight- it’s William hands down!
I work full-time,  am working hard at my Masters degree, have a disabled husband, two kids (18 and 9), and am a
youth leader (mentor High School teenagers).
I lacked initiative to start working out and was very nervous about this boot camp and whether or not I would fit in being as
over weight as I am. When I thought of a boot  camp- I thought of buff. Would I fit in within this environment?
The answer was a resounding YES!
In my first month of boot camp, I noticed that I really do have a jaw line (who knew?), that I am able to run, that I can do
 sit-ups now and I can conquer weird fears/conditions I've placed on myself just for being overweight (still working on this).
I would and have recommended this to so many people. This Boot Camp is a life changer for me. William is patient
 and challenges every person there no matter what fitness level you’re at. I am very impressed with this boot camp and
for me, right now- it is the best thing I have done in a while!
The workouts are tough, but amazing. I am a little bit ADD-ish and the fact that every day we do something new, no
routine is ever the same from day-to-day is like opening up a present on Christmas morning (just add sweat).
These workouts will challenge you physically and mentally. These workouts will change your life, it has mine.
I have terrible adhesions and lesions in my abdomen. I am normally out of commission 2-3 days a month in severe
pain to the point I can’t stand erect and have to take pain pills to sleep. Doing the boot camp, I’ve only had minor
adhesion/lesion soreness and some twinges. Now heading into week 6, I’ve not had any pain at all.
Even when I was thin, I didn’t like to run and wouldn’t. By the second week of boot camp, I was able to run 5 minutes.
I looked around in shock as I realized I was doing it and kind-a liked it! WHAT!?
July 15th was a big day for me, it was the first day I could do a sit-up and not have to cheat to get up.
I was so excited; William, my friends and my family cheered this success!"

-- Jeni, Winter Park Boot Cam

Down 17.5 Pounds And Counting...

"I started boot camp thinking it would be a great motivating way to get back into shape after baby. I loved it immediately.
I loved the combination of cardio and strength training and that I could do my workout in less than an hour. It felt so
motivating! I loved that I felt challenged, and not pressured, to do the best I could plus some.

I knew that bouncing back into shape after a 3rd baby wouldn't be easy. I was left with about 10 extra pounds after my
2nd baby, so I knew I would have to do something drastic to lose this pregnancy's baby weight, plus the extra 10 lbs.
I needed some extra motivation and a program that would make me feel accountable. The gym alone was not going to do
that for me. I also needed help with my eating habits. Although I had managed to make some changes to making
healthier choices on foods, I still somehow managed to bring in the sweets that I so often crave. I needed some help
better balancing my meals.

I lost 6 lbs in my first 4 weeks and can already feel a difference in the way my clothes fit. I've currently lost 17.5 pounds
and feel stronger than I did when I first started. I couldn't do 10 sit ups without having to take breaks in between.
Now I can do up to 25 in a row without a break! I can do up to 25 pushups in a row as well without a break. My core was very
weak when I first started. Although I maintained a light workout routine throughout my pregnancy, I neglected my abs
and most of my core. I love that I can now see a difference in my core strength, especially my abs. I have a
long way to go, but I love being able to notice the difference. I can do shoulder/chest presses with my almost.
30 lb 2-year-old easily.

I love the workouts! I love that every day is something different and I never know what to expect. I have yet to do
a repeat workout!! I love that we can be doing the same type of exercise, but in so many different variations!
And as much as I hate Burpees, I still like them more than Mountain Climbers!

If you're looking for a challenging workout that will also provide you with motivation this is the way to go!
I love Will Power Boot Camp!!!"

-- Aixa, Winter Park Boot Camp

"I have dropped nearly 60 pounds..."

"I have dropped nearly 60 pounds, including approximately 40 of those in a 4 month period. Will Power Boot Camp
has decreased by body fat percentage approximately 7% and I have decreased overall inches. I have also dropped
6 dress sizes! I feel much better. The "smaller" clothes that I bought in recent weeks are getting too big for me once
again. I have never felt better about myself and I want that to continue.

-- Kendra, Boot Camp



Down 40 Pounds And Counting...

"I searched for a local boot camp online and found Will's program. During my first workout I was thinking "This is the
real thing - no joke - this is not going to be easy." I had been at a desk job, raising a family, and physically inactive
 for about 15 years. Over that time I had eventually gained over 20 lbs.

After 2 after two months I'm stronger and I've lost 10 lbs. I can now fit into a suit that I haven't been able to wear
in over five years! I gave blood before I started and my cholesterol level was 183; not bad (I had been tracking
 between 170-200 for the last year). I just got the results from last week's donation and my cholesterol level is 128!
Wow! I'm on my way back to a six pack too!

Will Power Boot Camp has convenient locations and times, along with a full body workout that you can get done
in less than an hour.

The workouts are a super effective mix of cardio and strength that continues to challenge, build strength,
 and burn fat each and every day."

-- Stephen, Boot Camp Altamonte Springs

Down 38 Pounds And Counting...

"I was hooked after the first class because everything that I read online and that we spoke about when William called
me was accurate. I spoke with several trainers and gyms and the benefits of this boot camp outweighed the others.
Still to this date (3 weeks later) I have not had the same workout yet!

Before starting I was overweight, out of shape, not eating properly and being told by my family that I need to do something
to save my life. The path I was headed in was self destruction and to the onset of numerous medical problems.

I am on my fourth week of training and I have lost a total of 14 pounds and a pant size. In addition, I have crazy energy
(to keep up with my kids), I am not moody and my attitude has changed. I am happier now and sleep better.
The biggest result is being aware of what I put into my body when I eat.

If you try it for a week or sign up for a month, 3 months, etc... YOU will benefit from this program. This program will
jump start your life and make you feel as if you can do anything because it awakens the senses! I tell everybody
about this program because it works and I am seeing results. William helps you with dietary support, the subtle way
he pushes you to do more and proper technique when working out. The workouts are killer and never the same.

Also, one of the biggest benefits is that I can call, text or email William if I have a question about what I
can and cannot eat to keep me on track with my eating habits (Diet). I have never had to wait more than 3-5 minutes
to get an answer back.

Before joining your boot camp I was not able to work out for more than 10 minutes because I was not motivated and was
out of shape. I also ate poorly because I was only eating once a day. Now, I can work out for way more than 10 minutes
and I eat properly. I have crazy energy (to keep up with my kids), I am not moody and my attitude has changed. I am
happier now and sleep better."

-- Rocky, Boot Camp

"My husband is into me a lot more..."

"Best Boot Camp in Town! I found Will Powers Boot Camp from a Living Social deal and was so sad when my month
membership expired. I was delighted to be included in the 6 Month Slim Down Challenge which I am three weeks into.
 I can see new muscle definition and loose 2-3 lbs each week. The classes are convenient and always different.
 They are exactly what is needed to get results. The group of people there are encouraging and focused on achieving results.

I can wear fitted shirts tucked into dress pants with a belt. My husband is into me a lot more now than before Boot Camp! ;-) Give yourself the gift of a strong body and healthy weight for the holidays this year!"

-- Jen
, Will Power Boot Camp, Altamonte Springs

"Will has been amazing..."

"Will has been amazing! He has helped me get on a healthy regimen to help fight my heart disease.
In less than 4 months on his program I have gone from 46% to 38% blockage. That is the difference
between moderate and mild heart disease. Losing weight and toning my stomach were just icing on the cake!"

-- Stephanie, Boot Camp

Down 20 Pounds And Counting...

"At 51 I knew that being healthy was my priority not necessarily of being skinny but being fit.  I was bored and
going through a tough year of empty nest that I needed a new focus.  Before I joined I wasn't sure if I could do the
workouts since I was out of shape and coming into a regimented routine. I was pleasantly surprised. Will brought me
along slowly and made me feel
comfortable. Will's program has made me think of myself first and what I am capable of doing.

During the workouts he challenges you so that you sweat more than you ever have before but because there
are such a variety of different exercises you do in each class you are not bored. I get something out of each and every
class. I have lost inches my clothes are fitting loose and I've l
ost about 13 pounds. My body no longer aches from
ty and stress.

I feel great when I leave class and being able to work all of my body it helps me sleep better and feel better about myself."

 -- Ruth, Altamonte Springs Boot Camp

"The People Are Great And Very Encouraging..."

"I decided to join boot camp because I wanted to lose weight before I went on a month long vacation.
I realized I had two months left before my trip and wanted a quick fix to slim down. My first thoughts after boot camp
 was "wow this is not what I expected!" When thinking of a boot camp I felt like there would be yelling and everybody having an "everyman for themselves" attitude. This is not the case. The work out was challenging for me but Will made it fun
 and exciting. He was never mean or harsh. When he explains the proper way to do an exercise or gives tips on what
 to eat, you really can tell he has a lot of experience and knows what he is doing.
Also, the people are great and very encouraging.

I have been in boot camp for two months now and we have never done the same routine twice. You never know
what to expect and that is so cool. Each day is something different to overcome. I also love it because Will is hilarious
 and doesn't make you feel bad if you need a break or aren't feeling good. Everybody has their moments and
he is always there to encourage us.

I have noticed my arms show more definition when I flex, I have less cellulite on my thighs, and my middle section
 has slimmed down. I've had my family notice a difference in my body, as well as, co-workers who I never talked to
 before say I've lost weight. I'm much more happy and confident. I have more energy and I make myself proud on
 a daily basis. As time goes by, I've noticed that I don't get as tired during the workouts and I don't need as many breaks.
So far I've lost t 10 pounds!

I would recommend boot camp to somebody else because I know that Will has a fool proof way of not only helping
 you lose weight, but making you feel good in general. Who wouldn't want to look and feel great. I have
 recommended it to a friend and she loves it too.

Now that I am almost leaving on my trip, I have already decided I will return when I get back in the country.
 I couldn't imagine not working out in the mornings. Even the weekends seem funny without Will's boot camp!"

-- Melisa, Winter Park Boot Camp

"I'm getting tons of compliments..."

"Before trying Will's fitness boot camp I used to think that I didn't have enough time in my busy schedule for exercise. He has before
and after work classes so I no longer had an excuse. I enjoy the variety of workouts that he puts us through. Most of all I enjoy
the results. His boot camp has really slimmed me out. I have never looked or felt better. I am getting tons of compliments from
everyone that notices the results that I am getting!"

-- Lindsay, Boot Camp

"I was able to fit into pants that I haven't been able to wear in 5 years!"

"Before I started working out with William, I was running 3-5 miles a day, about 4 times a week. I was feeling ok, but I
wasn't losing weight, and I still wasn't sleeping well. I felt I needed more, and then I started William's Boot Camp. I struggled
 with every exercise, and now after about 6 weeks with William's enthusiasm, motivation, and support, I have lost weight,
gained muscle tone, and I sleep so much better. I also feel less stressed, and have never felt better.

-- Corinne

Down 8 Pounds And Counting...

"When I started going to boot camp I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. I just quit smoking and my biggest concern was gaining
weight since that's what happened the last time I quit. I was eating out almost every meal and always felt tired. So far I have
lost 8 pounds while slimming down my arms, hips and thighs. I can jog up the 3 flights of stairs to my apartment without being
winded and feeling lethargic. I recently went to Costa Rica on vacation and went hiking almost every day. I am working out
and eating healthier. It feels great!"

-- Ericka, Boot Camp


Down 13 Pounds And Counting...

"Before I decided to try Will's boot camp I was having trouble finding time to set aside for working out. This
was always my biggest workout obstacle as a single mom. Will offers morning and evening classes at 3 different
locations so I didn't have an excuse. At first I was like OMG, "Am I ready for this - lol?" The most exercise I had
been doing was some walking. Now I'm doing jumping jacks, jump, rope, push ups, etc. I find myself eating
healthier (especially at work where they're always celebrating something and bringing in cake - I've learned
to push it away & say "NO THANK YOU!"). Will always ask us at the end of our workout, “what’s for dinner or
what did we have for lunch?” We have to log all of our meals & snacks, that helps out A LOT, it makes me
monitor the prepared foods I purchase.

The workouts are always different, never boring, he modifies an exercise to your needs, he pushes you, but
lets you know to take a break if you need it. He’s not yelling at you like a DRILL SERGEANT in the military,
 he gets to every muscle in your body. I can actually jump rope again (sounds simply – but it wasn’t). I can even
do REAL push ups (no knees!)…THE HARDEST THING about continuing to work out – is being mind set. Those
days you come home from work & just want to relax – you have to decide which is more important. Every month
he does weigh in & I see I’ve dropped a few more pounds – that is MY motivation to continue.

I have lost a total of 13 pounds & still counting!!!!

– you will see the results - he’s the total package – fitness & nutrition....You get out of it what you put into it..."

-- Mayebelle

Down 16 Pounds And Counting...

"I used to work out with Will when he was at Bally. They closed the one I was going to and I fell off track. Will
makes working out fun and keeps you wanting to come back. Also there are a lot of good times to fit your schedule.
I've noticed an increase in energy and feeling better. I've lost 16 pounds so far! Will keeps the sessions jumping
and the sweat flowing :-) which makes you want to do better and keep coming back! Part of his program includes
 diet/nutrition monitoring and guidance. When you track everything you put in your mouth you tend not to cheat.
This is a great exercise program!"

-- Tom, Altamonte Springs Boot Camp

Down 7 Pounds And Counting...

"After having my baby I struggle to lose weight by working out on my own. I realized that I needed to do something
different and tried Will's fitness Boot Camp. When I started I was 147 pounds. I am now down to 140 and have
dropped from 29% to 26% body fat. I strongly recommend this fitness boot camp to anyone who wants to lose
weight. I even got my mom to join!"

-- Sophia, Boot Camp


"I've developed muscle tone..."

"I am very happy with the fitness program developed by William. He is very understanding, a good
listener while holding me accountable for the workout. He gives me that extra push when needed. I have
developed muscle tone and found his workouts to be very rewarding."

-- Von, Apopka Boot Camp

Down 10 Pounds And Counting...

"I was bored working out in a gym and my trainer was inattentive & invisible. I was looking for a way to increase my
endurance, learn how to eat properly without depriving myself, reduce my body fat, & have fun while working out. I have
definitely found what I have been looking for. I knew during my first session that this boot camp was for me because I enjoyed
the workout & the time just flew by. No workout has been the same in the past weeks. I wasn't sure if I would be able to commit
to the workouts because of my family commitments & schoolwork, but the time and location of the classes are very convenient.
I have been in the boot camp for 4 full weeks & I have seen an increase in strength & endurance & I have even lost 7 pounds!
I have recommended the boot camp to anyone who is looking for a change. Will has a wealth of information about nutrition &
fitness that will make you successful."

-- Nadia

"My Pants Are Getting Looser..."

"After two kids, I have been trying my best to get my body back into shape. Training with Will has been doing
just that. My pants are getting looser and my energy is up. It is a great feeling to know that I'm working hard
and getting results.

I like the attention and helpful information that I get both during the workouts and throughout the week.
I recommend Will as a personal trainer because he is very informative and has been a key factor in my
weight loss. Will is going to get me back to my pre-baby body!"

-- Lashia, Boot Camp

"My strength and endurance have gone through the roof..."

"I met William when he was working for one of the large corporate chain gyms. At the time I was gaining
weight and I was afraid that lifting weights would bulk me up like a man. Now I know that isn't the truth.
William has been very passionate about helping me. I am losing weight and my strength and endurance
have both gone through the roof."

-- Annmarie, Apopka Boot Camp

"My weight has dropped..."

"I was at a total stand still until I started working with William. My leg after ACL surgery was atrophied
and I was unable to do the things I loved to. Running is my favorite hobby and he gave it back to me.
I feel strong and ready to climb mountains again. My physical therapist helped me to a certain point but
William took me the rest of the way. I'm about 90% back, I do have some work left, but he gave me the
confidence to keep going. My fitness level is improving along with my muscle mass and on top of those
things my weight has dropped."

-- Adele

"I have surpassed my initial goals and have created new ones..."

"I have been working with William in the small group personal training sessions for about 6 months. When I
originally started I just wanted to lose a few pounds. However, by working with William I have surpassed my initial
goals and have created new ones! The small group personal training sessions are beneficial and a very effective
way to incorporate fitness into your weekly schedule."

-- Cara, Apopka Boot Camp

"My Clothes Fit Better..."

"I wanted to lose weight and to tone because I wasn't happy with my body. I couldn't understand how I had gained so
much weight. I didn't push myself enough when I was exercising by myself. Now I wake up and know that there is a purpose
for this. The more I do the greater the chances I have of obtaining my goals.

Wills workouts are great. They are different and fun! He incorporates different elements that just makes time fly,
something that I've never felt while workout. I always used to associate exercising with exhaustion and boredom.
Now I sweat with a smile on my face!

When I started, I could not do 5 pushups or run for long periods of time.
Now I can do more than 25 pushups and I have much more endurance!

I feel more energized and personally have seen a decrease in weight, allowing my clothes to fit better. I also found
that I do have discipline with myself, allowing me to see that I control who I am mentally and physically.

I would recommend Will Power Boot Camp because it's invigorating, it's a great way to becoming more disciplined not
only with exercising but also your food intake, which I didn't realize was so important until I started with Will."

-- Aidil, Will Power Boot Camp

"I have begun to notice my body and health changing for the better..."

"After not exercising for about 10 years, I returned to the gym to begin a much needed health program so that I
could prepare for an art show that would occur in about 4 months. In the process, I hired a personal trainer to help
reach my fitness goals. William has been a huge motivating factor in my exercise program and in achieving my desired
goals. After just one week of boot camp I have begun to notice my body and health changing for the better
(and for the art show). I would highly recommend his programs to anyone who wants to start an exercise program.
His boot camp will work you into shape in no time!"

-- Peyton, Boot Camp


"Will is by far the best trainer..."  

"I worked out before another boot camp but I love Will's workouts 100 times better even and it's 15 minutes longer
than the previous boot camp I came from. I was looking for another boot camp because the one I was going to was
 getting to pushy on products (vitamins/shakes) that I was not interested in. The environment is one of support. Everyone
 who works out there encourages each other. Will's classes are also offered 6x a week at multiple locations and different
times. There is NEVER the same workout. He makes it fun and not dreadful and he's never intimidating. He also has
alternate exercises for someone who might not be that advanced, and they're fun. I've already noticed my legs are getting
 a lot more defined. Will is BY FAR the best trainer!!"

-- Evelyn, Winter Park Boot Camp


"I look forward to going everyday..."

"Will Power Boot Camp has increased my strength and given me tons of energy! I've taken the boot camp for over
 a month and have never experienced the same routine. It's never boring, I look forward to going everyday and never
 know what kind of work out I'll get, just that I'll get a great one! Will's boot camp beats any gym membership and the
 results I've seen with just 6 weeks have been incredible. You get out of it what you put in, but Will definitely helps
 motivate you to get the results you want!"

-- Karly, Altamonte Springs Boot Camp

"It helps knowing there's accountability..."

"Was probably a little intimidated at first but was excited about trying something new. I liked having a
trainer there to help push and encourage me.

When I joined Will's boot camp I was out of shape. I had been about 5 years since I was in a regular exercise
 program. I was close to my heaviest weight ever and my cholesterol was little high. Realized I needed to get into a
 healthier routine for my life.

I am really involved in church and charity work in the evenings after work so I didn't think that I had
 "time" to exercise much.

I like that every day there is a varied routine. I get bored just doing the same thing so I enjoy the varied
 exercise. It also helps knowing that there's accountability and to have a trainer and others who are exercising with
 you to encourage you to persevere even when you are not sure you can.

I remember my first day being out of breath after the warm up. Now I've gotten into the routine of exercising in the
 morning and feel like I have more energy throughout the day and realized that I did have the time to place exercise in my day.

I can tell that my stamina and strength has steadily been improving since day one. I can certainly do more
 pushups, planks, sit-ups, etc. then I was able to do the first week. I can tell after only one month that I have toned
 up more. I've noticed that my legs have slimmed and an hour glass figure is coming back."

-- Meghan, Winter Park Boot Camp

"I have already dropped a pants size..."

"Before joining William's boot camp I couldn't fit any of my clothes. I was tired and uncomfortable all the time. I was depressed
about my weight and I never wanted to go anywhere because it was too much trouble trying to find clothes in my closet that fit.

Over the past three years, I would work out once or twice a week at the gym for about a month and then I would always fall off the
 wagon. Since I have been using William's personal training services I have only missed one day and it has been a month and a half.
I feel a connection with the other people in the class and I look forward to going. I have diabetes and high blood pressure in my
family so I knew that eventually I would have to make regular exercise a part of my life.

I am much more toned and stronger. Everything isn't shaking when I walk. I am much more energetic and I just feel better both
mentally and physically. I have already dropped one pants size. I couldn't do push ups before and now I can. Also, I always used
 to get migraines when I worked out hard,(and I never worked out this hard), but now I don't. I am learning what to eat and when to
eat it in order to maximize my results. I would recommend the boot camp to all of my family and friends because I have gained
strength, energy, and confidence. Not only will you look better but you will feel better also."

-- Magnolia

"Will is an amazing personal trainer..."  

"Will is an amazing personal trainer. He is very patient and kind but he still gets the job done!"

-- Jan, Boot Camp


"This workout truly shapes your body..."

"I would recommend Will Power Boot Camp to everyone who wants to get in shape and have fun at the same time!
This workout truly shapes your body and you can see results within weeks.
You do have to work to get in shape but it's definitely worth it when seeing the results!!"

-- Correna, Will Power Boot Camp

Down 6 Pounds And Counting...

"When I started going to boot camp I wanted to reach my ideal weight where I would feel comfortable, confident and healthy.
Will's workouts are so varied that I never get bored.

When I first started I was only able to do maybe 5 pushups on my knees. By the end of my first month I was able to
do 10 standard pushups. I am now able to run more and faster and I feel more energetic.
After finishing my first month of training my eating habits have really improved and I have lost 6-pounds.

I would recommend this training because of the attention and motivation that you individually get.
It’s like having you own personal trainer."

-- Ana, Will Power Boot Camp

Down 6 Pounds And Counting...

"I wasn’t sure what to expect when I joined Will Power Boot Camp, but I soon began feeling the results more and more after my workouts.

I was going to LA Fitness for the last 6 months trying to get back in shape but I couldn’t reach the results I expected.
My main goals were to get my belly in pre-pregnancy shape, lose about 7 pounds and get fit again.

Since I started a month ago I have lost 6 pounds and I am 1 pound away from my goal. I feel very strong and energized.
 I am not only losing weight but I am getting in better shape and can keep  up with the rest of the boot-campers without
feeling out of breath anymore like I used to do in the past.

If you want to lose weight and get in shape then join Will's boot camp because it really works. It works not only because
 of the workouts but also thanks to the wonderful advise that he gives you. The food log he introduced us to is a
 great motivator and a perfect way to keep yourself in track. Stick with his program and you will see results.

I wasn't losing weight before but now I know I am.
Thanks so much Will! I could not have done it without you!!! You’re the best!"

-- Anna, Winter Park Boot Camp


"The workouts are top notch..."


"Will Power Boot Camp is simply the best! My husband currently attends the 5:30 AM class in Winter Park and has been raving about the program for months so I decided that I would give it a try. With a hectic schedule (4 kids), I love that there are several different workout times and locations. The workouts are top notch and William modifies exercises if you can't do them. Even with the modifications, he still finds a way to make it challenging enough that you can get results. I'm in my second month and I love it!

-- Sharise, Winter Park Boot Camp

"Will's program works..."

"I started Will Power Boot Camp so that I could get healthier overall and train for this year's
 upcoming Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the cure.

Will's program is challenging, exhausting and invigorating. I never get bored because he is always switching it up.
 I appreciate his corrections when we are doing exercises incorrectly, his praises when he sees us working hard, and
 his encouragement when we feel like we can't push any further. I really appreciate his ability to push us hard without
 ever being harsh. Will is always upbeat!

I’ve lost weight, I'm eating healthier, consuming more water, have become more educated about nutrition, have more endurance
 (can run for a longer period of time without stopping than I have prior), and I’m stronger! I’ve barely been able
 to do even one push-up in the past. Now, I can do at least 10 ... even if they are on my knees!

Will's program works.....plain and simple! All of us have seen results!"

-- Vickie

"Will has been magnificent..."

"I am 66 years old and have been training with Will over a year and a half. Will has been magnificent!
He has encouraged and demanded that I participate in all facets of exercise. He provides guidance for proper
diet to enhance my exercise experience. I highly recommend Will to anyone but especially to older adults that
are concerned about their health and mobility."

-- Jackie, Boot Camp


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